Tradition & Innovation Since 1920


Robert-Elie Skalli begins making wines in Algeria.


Robert-Elie's son, Francis Skalli, develops both the family estate, Terra Vecchia on Corsica, and a wine import company.


Robert Skalli, son of Francis, travels to Napa Valley. At the same time he builds a new winery in Sète, France. Robert, his uncle Albert and cousins Robert Touboul and Claude Skalli dream of creating prestigious wine in California's Napa Valley.


In 1982, Robert Skalli purchases Dollarhide, a 1,500 acre cattle ranch in the northeast mountains of Napa Valley. Today, Dollarhide is home to nearly 500 acres of St. Supéry's estate-grown vineyards. Shortly after, the Skalli Family purchases 56 acres in Rutherford, where the winery stands today.


St. Supéry Estate Vineyards & Winery opens its doors.