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Joanna Letz

Bluma Flower Farm

Berkeley, CA

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For Joanna, farming is a way of life, a re-connection to the cycles of life, and giving back is a part of her mission. With a desire to work with her hands, be outside, and be of service to people and the planet, it is not surprising that Joanna is making a difference one bouquet at a time. A percentage of her beautiful, hyperlocal, organic herbs and bouquets from Bluma Flower Farm’s quarter-acre rooftop farm are donated to local community organizations in need.

Joanna says, “We need to make cities more resilient, and one way to do that is urban farming, addressing issues of food sustainability and climate change. Most importantly it provides an opportunity for us to give back to the local community. I believe enjoying fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers is a basic human right and hope that my farm can encourage others to grow plants and flowers too.”

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