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Deassa Binstock, RVT

Ripple Effect Animal Project

Napa, CA

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As a registered veterinary technician, Deassa spent decades working with animal rescue organizations before co-founding the Ripple Effect Animal Project (REAP), a nonprofit, foster-based animal rescue in Napa County. Praised by colleagues in the animal rescue community, she is known for her dedication to helping people keep and care for their pets, and for working to help animals find their forever homes.

“I got into this over 20 years ago when I rescued my first pit bull,” says Deassa, adding that she’s always had a soft spot for the underdog. “For me it’s not just helping the animals that really have no other option, it’s also helping people.”

REAP launched in early 2020, just before the pandemic hit, getting the agency off to an unexpectedly busy start. Due to the risk of virus exposure, volunteers were no longer permitted to help out at local shelters—limiting the number of animals they could care for onsite. Deassa worked with several agencies to find foster placements, and has since rescued more than 200 animals.

In addition to working at Napa Humane, she also finds time to volunteer with Loving Animals Providing Smiles in Napa, the Napa Community Animal Response Team, and the Oakland-based pit bull rescue and welfare organization Bad Rap.

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