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Jeanna Coursey

NEWS-Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Services

Napa, CA

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In August of 2019, Jeanna completed the NEWS Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Volunteer Training and hasn’t looked back since. She is one of the most consistent and dedicated volunteers, always going above and beyond to serve the community.

Jeanna enthusiastically contributes to an internal working group bridging board members with the volunteers to identify opportunities and partners that can provide legal assistance and advice to Domestic Violence survivors.

“She looked at me through her tangled hair with mascara streaks down her cheeks, holding her broken wrist in a sling, and said nothing but nodded reluctantly. I entered and she abrasively scolded, ‘what do you want?!’ I knew instantly what she needed. I told her that I was there for her, that she was the owner of her story, and that I believed her. Her demeanor softened, and we had a good rapport after that.”

“The medical staff and law enforcement then able to gather necessary information for their reports. My job was accomplished. She felt heard, supported, and safe in my presence and most importantly she was linked with the resources she needed to begin her journey to healing. This is why we [advocates] do what we do. Sometimes we are the only person who is there solely to be a support, no ulterior motive. Sometimes that is all a victim needs in a time of deep anguish.”

Jeanna also volunteers for justice causes including Napa’s Family Justice and the Monarch Justice Center. Jeanna designed and created a beautiful art installation that debuted as part of Monarch Justice’s Center’s opening ceremony in May 2021.

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