Current Employment Opportunities

Assistant Winemakers

Location: Rutherford, California

The Assistant Winemaker will assist and collaborate with the Winemaking team to lead the daily operations of the Cellar and Lab and to elevate research and data collection for long term projects as assigned by the VP of Winemaking & Vineyards and in collaboration with the entire winemaking team. The specific duties of the Assistant Winemaker will include:

Winemaking Operations:

• Monitor quality control of the product at all times via laboratory checks, observation and tasting. This will require monitoring of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide, sulfites and flavor profile during bottling operations.

• Perform lab analysis and oversee others in these analyses, including free sulfur dioxide, total sulfur dioxide, pH, titratable acidity, alcohol measurement, volatile acidity, plating for microbiology, and enzymatic analysis using a Spectrophotometer: residual sugar, malic acid, yeast available nitrogen.

• Perform grape sample processing and recording- Brix (sugar), pH, titratable acidity.

• Perform Brix and temperature readings of fermenting tanks.

• Responsible for compliance with sustainability policies and practices which are economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound. This is done by supporting programs at each winery location for conservation, energy efficiency, and recycling, which are critical for our operations to achieve tangible environmental results.

• Responsible for project planning in collaboration with the VP of Winemaking & Vineyards on projects including the Phenolic Research Project and Nomacork Research Project.

Bottling Operations:

• Prepare wines for bottling within the scheduled guideline. In this capacity, this individual will perform quality control (QC) analyses to ensure the best result for the wine once bottled, while ensuring line sanitation during this procedure. These analyses will include titrate-able acidity, pH, volatile acidity, sulfites, turbidity, alcohol, residual sugars and malic acidity. This will be followed with microbiological checks to confirm correct stability.

• Ensure correct reporting of pre and post-bottling inventory.

• Participate in Dry Goods requirements and planning along with label information. This individual will assist with planning to ensure our materials on hand align with the future production requirements. S/he will also perform records maintenance and alcohol analyses to ensure correct labeling of our wines.

• Communicate with Winemaker and bottling personnel.


Bachelor of Science (or foreign equivalent) in Enology or a closely related field. One year of experience in the job offered, as a Harvest Intern, Vintage Intern, Laboratory Technician, or in a related occupation.

Candidates must possess any experience or education in the following:

• Experience with production of small scale fermentation of less than 10-ton lot sizes and with single-vineyard unblended wines.

• Experience with sustainable winemaking practices

• Experience with racking, filtering, sterilizing, stabilizing, and bottling wines.

• Vineyard sample processing and analysis, including Brix, TA, pH, vineyard observation.

To apply, email: Jobs@stsupery.com

Reference Job: 1A