#InJoy at Home: Harvest 2021 Virtual Tasting Series Continues October 7

Roasted Fresh Figs, Point Reyes Bay Blue, Pecans

from St. Supéry estate chef Tod Kawachi


6 ea Fresh Figs, Large

3 oz Point Reyes Bay Blue Cheese

1 tsp Honey

2 oz Pecans

Brioche Bread


Toast the pecans in 400f oven until golden and aromatic then coarse chop.  Slice the Brioche into crostini shapes and toast in oven until lightly browned. Wash the figs and trim the top stem off and cut in half lengthwise. Crumble the Point Reyes Bay Blue cheese with tsp of honey and place a mound on top of the fig halves. Top with the chopped pecans and roast in oven on a baking sheet for 6-8 minutes or until cheese has melted and figs have softened. Serve on top of the Brioche crostini and enjoy with St. Supéry Napa Valley Estate Moscato.

Wine Pairing: 2018 Napa Valley Estate Moscato